ANTECUIR, S.L., is an Alicante-based family company, founded in 1989, although its origins can be traced back to 1965 when D. Rafael Pascual Albero founded the first family company, Textiflock. Antecuir’s main activity centres on the design, manufacture and sale of all types of flock materials, using industrial processes that rely heavily on in-house innovation.

The manufacturing process’s characteristics can be defined as the use of cutting-edge technologies in product developments, in-house developments using our own technological team, on-line process controls, automated production planning and strict quality controls to ISO 9001/2008.

The company’s main business is centred on the general upholstery market, which accounts for 95% of the annual production. Other active lines are concerned with the development and sale of automobile upholstery fabrics and those textile materials destined for the cleaning industry, as well as research into new materials and finishes. Another new line is the manufacture of fabrics for clothing and PPE’s. The company currently has three trademarks: Rustika, Sensel and Enoa. These employ a new cleaning technology labelled as Aqua clean, based on water-based stain removal.

ANTECUIR has also become involved in the manufacture and sale of products under the “Made in Green” label, which offers outstanding advantages in the protection of the environment as well as to personnel involved in their manufacture. In recent years, a large number of R+D projects have been undertaken,

ANTECUIR will support the project participating in the project meetings and during the pilot as it is very interested in LEARNINGTEX MOOC to train its employees.


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