CITEVE is the Technological Centre for the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industry, created in 1989. As a private non-profit organization, it has 600 associated companies and more than 2000 customers. CITEVE’s main activities are technology transfer, laboratorial analysis, IPR information, training, technical and vocational secondary education, certification & standardisation activities and R&D activities at national and European level.

CITEVE has 120 specialised staff, covering all business areas and specific technical demands of the textile & clothing sector, like the Training and Education Area where we have 15 workers and more that 100 apprentices per day.

In the last two decades, CITEVE has taken part in more than 100 R&D projects involving more than 200 companies (Portuguese and European) among other technological partners and the focus and priorities were always the applicability of results and the acquisition of critical mass. In the field of Technology transfer, CITEVE has participated several initiatives sponsored by EC, such as LEONARDO, INTERREG, LIFE+. CITEVE has also a major role in implementation of EC and National projects towards the improvement of competitiveness of the T&C industries, which are very vulnerable to the increasing competition.

With a very close relation with companies and a high-level knowledge of the sector performance and reality, CITEVE also plays an important role in the definition and implementation of public policy, even acting as a working force to implementation and enforcement, through a close cooperation of national public governmental organizations. In the same sense, CITEVE collaborates regularly with different services and units of the European Commission.

As VET provider and intermediary between companies and the training opportunities specific oriented for this sector, CITEVE plays a role of “facilitator” between the needed skills in industry and the training opportunities offered.


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